Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thoughts on Auster and White Nationalism

Lawrence Auster has an interesting piece on white nationalist antisemitism.

My thoughts: I don't consider myself a white nationalist. I am more of a "citizenist."

While I believe that keeping a non-Hispanic white majority is important for maintaining the culture that has made the U.S. successful (Asians probably could be counted as "white" for these purposes), I don't think that we should run the U.S. with the primary goal being preserving the interests of whites.

That is, our primary goals should be to promote U.S. interests and to treat all Americans fairly. I do think that we will have an easier time doing this with a white majority, but we ought not to base our policies on "what is good for the whites - and no one else."

I think that it is hardly surprising that a lot of white nationalists are antisemitic or wink at antisemitism. After all, even the most European of Jewish groups, the Ashkenazi, have long been somewhat reproductivelky isoalted from other Europeans. This makes them somewhat ethnically distinct, and it is not surprising that a lot of white nationalists therefore would want to separate themselves from Jews just as they do other ethnicities. Particularly as a lot of liberal Jews have been in support of policies whose results are somewhat anti-white. I admit that this doesn't explain, e.g., David Duke's embrace of Arabs against the Jews, but I think that it is rather naive to be surprised at all that white nationalism tends to be tolerant of antisemitism.

The big problem with white nationalism is that, as I understand it, it involves not just whites being concerned with their own group interests, but also being unconcerned with the interests of non-whites, and unconcerned with making certain that other groups have a reciprocal right to worry about their own goals. Put another way, as I understand it, white nationalism would involve tolerating non-whites at best; they would be here at our sufferance. That would not be a good thing. True, it is likely a similar ideology to what a lot of minority interest groups have; I am not at all be convinced that the NAACP would care about racial equality were blacks in charge. But as the majority group, we ought to set an example rather than live down to our worst fears about minorities by becoming what we are scared they might be.

There would be some benefit in whites adopting a reciprocal racial consciousness; that is, a pride in our ancestry and a willingness to defend our interests, provided that we do not steamroll other groups to do so, and provided that we put the good of the U.S. as a whole above our ethnic desires. To a great extent, we really ought to be more interested in suppressing attempts to foster anti-white racial consciousness than in raising white racial consciousness, because we do not want to contribute to the Balkanization of the U.S. But having said that, we need to do so from a position of strength. That is, no whining that the Congressional Black Caucus is racist and pleading with them to allow whites in, or trying to use the law to accuse them of discrimination. Simply saying that whites, as the majority, will not tolerate attempts to use racial consciousness against them. In return, any racial consciousness in the white community ought not to involve considering that the interests of minorities are irrelevant.

In short, I am all for different ethnicities in the U.S. all considering their ethnic interests provided that we all respect each other. And to be honest, enforcing this respect will likely need to be the job of the white community, both in terms of policing other groups and ourselves. At the very least, we will need to instigate it.

That is all.

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