Sunday, April 02, 2006

God Gave Us the Perfect Drink

In discussing problems with the "drinking is good for you" hypothesis, Dennis Mangan recently pointed out that many of the supposed health benefits of alcohol may be due to other chemicals in the alcoholic beverage.

Of course, when one discusses whether red wine or grape juice is better for you in terms of antioxidants, it should be pointed out that the best antioxidant drink of all is pomegranate juice.

In other pomegranate news, According to this new report, pomegranate juice can clear clogged arteries.

I have long advocated the consumption of pomegranate juice, although for financial reasons I have not been able to consume a whole lot myself recently.

And since such a post would not be complete without an advertising plug, let me point out that you can order pomegranate juice at

That is all.

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