Monday, April 17, 2006

The Idiotic Left

Obviously, the people at the Poor Man Institute cannot get it through their thick heads that there is more than one type of conservative.

They quote a bunch of articles in this post, asserting two things:

(1) The GOP are hypocrites, pushing for stronger law enforcement to stop illegal aliens from getting through.

(2) The GOP are focusing on immigration issues to distract the public from Bush's bad economic policies.

What these idiots fail to see is:

(1) That Bush is on the liberal side in the immigration debate, pushing for more aliens to be let into the country rather than fewer. So there is no attempt here by the conservatives to distract the public from Bush's dumb policies, as letting in lots of illegals is one of Bush's dumb polciies.

(2) The GOP who like to use illegal labor are often the GOPers who are in favor of massive immigration.

The fact of the matter is, there are two reason why the left wants open borders:

(1) To bring in more poor people from socialist countries in order to fill our countries with those who will vote for socialist policies.

(2) To make non-Hispanic whites become a minority as soon as possible, because they hate non-Hispanic whites and want us to be outnumbered so we can become the oppressed minority, because they feel we deserve it.

I'm sorry, but I hate the leftists. They want nothing more than they want to destroy white people and to destroy capitalism, and I am sick of it.

That is all.

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