Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pledge Time (Updated)

Thank you to the kind reader who sent $10.00.

Anone else want to show their support of me in a financial sort of way?

Dear readers:

If any of you would like to donate some money to the Glaivester weblog in appreciation of all of my commentary and linking to interesting articles, here is the place to do so. You can use either Paypal or Amazon to give donations.

Alternately, you can buy advertising space on Glaivester (contact me through my email address glaivester -at- yahoo -dot- com or leave a comment on this post).

Or, you can purchase a product advertised on Glaivester.

I don't carry any "pay-per-click" ads, so don't bother clicking on anyhting you are not interested in.

Thank you very much.

That is all.

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