Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So We Brought Freedom to Afghanistan, Did We?

So a man is on death row for being a Christian? I thought we were supposed to have made Afghanistan a freer country?

Granted, I'm glad we went in and taught the Taliban a lesson about supporting Al Qaeda (or if the Taliban were Al Qaeda's creature, then we effectively attacked Usama directly - nothing wrong with that). But if this doesn't put paid to the idea that Afghanistan is a model of successful nation-building that can be applied to Iraq, at least it creates grave doubts, or should do so, if we aren't brainless morons.

The man in question is named Abdul Rahman, and is being tried for his life on the charge of "attacking Islam." I say we put the people in power who decreed this. We should find the people who can get him off, and politely tell them that he gets off, or they die.

“The Attorney-General is emphasising he should be hung,” Judge Alhaj Ansarullah Mawlawy Zada, who will be trying his case, told The Times. “It is a crime to convert to Christianity from Islam. He is teasing and insulting his family by converting. In your country (Britain) two women can marry; that is very strange. In this country we have the perfect constitution, it is Islamic law and it is illegal to be a Christian and it should be punished.”

I think we ought to ask Judge Zada what he thinks about using lit sticks of TNT as suppositories. Same goes for the Attorney-General. Not that I support interference in other countries' policies per se, but we're there, we put them in power, we're somewhat responsible for their being there, and they owe us. So it's not a bad idea to give them a reminder of that fact.

Better yet, we ought to consider pulling out and letting the wogs take care of their own security. I have no problem with seeing how well they do against the Taliban without their help. If the Taliban can conquer them, let them. We have no interest in keeping the current brood of kleptocrats in power. Our only interest is in preventing the Taliban from staying in power. So if they do take over, we bomb them again.

I don't care who is in power, as lopng as (a) it's not the Taliban, and (b) we are not actively supporting them if they are behaving evilly. As I doubt that there are non-evil groups in Afghanistan that are likely to come innto power, our best bet is to avoid supporting any side and simply to destroy the ones that threaten us, letting the current government and/or whatever governments may replace it fend for themselves.

That is all.

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