Sunday, March 26, 2006


A very good letter to VDARE.

If illegal aliens aren't deported, it's an amnesty.

Guest-worker program for those who are here illegally = amnesty.

"Earned citizenship" = amnesty.

Anyone who says "It's not an amnesty. Earned citizenship isn't amnesty, because they have to earn it," or "They have to pay fines and taxes, so it's not amnesty," is a LIAR, a MORON, or both.

Deport illegal aliens or it's an amnesty.

I saw "The Beltway Boys" recently where bot hfred Barnes and Morton Kondracke were agreeing that the only problem with our immigration system was that we were not letting in enough people legally, and processing them. This is in tune with the leftist claim that the reason there is so much illegal entry into this country is because our immigration system is too restrictive.

Sorry if I'm ranting, but I'm fed up with a lot of these liars who just want to make certain that they can get lots of dirt-cheap help.

That is all.

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