Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Depleting the Reserves

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan appear to be depleting the reserves according to MSNBC.

Probably we will now start hearing neocons crow over how great the re-enlistment rates are again and about how high morale is amongst the soldiers who are actually there.

So let me reiterate from a previous post:

I am unconvinced that troop morale is high, due to the fact that, as stated before, the troops do not have the luxury of honesty, and due to the fact that another supposed indicator of the high morale and attractiveness of our military, high recruitment numbers, have been belied by the facts that the army has (a) reduced its goals, (b) started accepting dumber applicants.

Moreover, the high reenlistment numbers, often used to show how good soldier morale is, may be due to what amounts to coercion.

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