Sunday, November 02, 2014

Jeanne Shaheen's Polio Hair-Splitting

Chief counsel for Jeanne Shaheen Judy Reardon recently made fun of Scott Brown for referring to the polio crossing the border, because enterovirus B68 is not the virus that causes traditional polio. This is rather like arguing over whether or not a caribou is a deer. I questioned her on this hairsplitting on twitter, and in response, she blocked me. The conversation is here.

I suggest that people ask Shaheen, or her advisors, on Twitter or at campaign stops, etc., how enterovirus B-68 is substantively different from polio, and to ask why Judy Reardon blocks people asking her about it. Remind her that this disease may be responsible for dozens of paralysis cases.

That is all.

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eah said...

Thanks for doing something to keep this story alive -- otherwise the media will surely bury it.