Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Governors Should Use "Prosecutorial Discretion" to Fight Amnesty

Republican governors should immediately declare that if Obama launches an administrative amnesty, they will do everything in their power (prosecutorial discretion, pardon power) to avoid penalizing American citizens who commit crimes against illegal aliens. Murder one? Pardon. Rape one? Pardon.

Say that if Obama wants people who commit crimes against illegal aliens prosecuted, he'll have to file civil rights charges on every single case. The state government won't help him a bit.

It's time to fight back.

That is all.


SFG said...

Interesting idea, though I think the idea is a little too 'lawless' to appeal to law-and-order Republican types.

I wonder if there's some other way to criminalize them? I like Boehner's idea of suing...

Pauli said...

I actually had thought of this. If might be a good deterrent. It's not very "nice", but it might convince illegals to move to liberal states so they can be treated better there. Sounds good to me.