Friday, May 03, 2013

Time to Talk to Your Senators

Tell them to reject the Gang of Eight's amnesty bill (S. 744).

Here's a list of contact information, including local office addresses. Visit in person if you can.

Here is a good article to print out to give to your legislator's staff.

Here is another one, and it is PDF downloadable with charts. (I print out the first four pages full-size, and the next 18 - the chatrs - 4 pages to a printed page)

Here is NumbersUSA's chart on how many aliens would be let in over the next 10 years under S. 744.

Write a cover letter (Here is mine as an example):

Dear Senator [name]:

I am deeply concerned about the recent immigration legislation moving through the Senate, and its potentially devastating effects on U.S. workers.

I have enclosed a chart that shows just how many new immigrants would gain permanent legal status if S. 744, the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,” were passed. I have also enclosed articles debunking the myths that there is an technology worker shortage and that we need more immigration because there are jobs that Americans are unwilling to do.

The bill would add up to 33 million new immigrants in the first decade, and 20 million every decade after that. With at least 20 millions Americans unable to find a full-time job, this would put an outrageous strain on our economy. In addition, all of these additional people would put great pressure on our natural resources.

This bill allows way too many people access to permanent legal residence, and its promises of greater security have no “teeth” that would ensure that they are kept.

Please reject S. 744, and demand thorough hearings on any immigration bill that comes before the Senate.

You might also want to consider scheduling town hall meetings prior to any vote on such a bill, to find out how your constituents feel about bringing in more workers to compete with Americans for jobs.


[Your name]

Tell the staff member that you are concerned about the effect that S. 744 would have on U.S. workers and that S. 744 needs more hearings and discussion. Suggest that your Senator needs to hold a town hall meeting on immigration before any final vote is held. Then give them your articles, preferably in a neat folder.

You might also do the same with your Congressman, although obviously you should mention that you know that the bill is currently in the Senate but that you are worried about similar bills in the House.

And while you are at it, give a folder with the same information to your state or local GOP and tell them that this issue concerns you.

That is all.

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