Friday, May 03, 2013

Another Way to Fight Amnesty

In addition to giving money to the campaigns of friendly legislators, you may have opportunities to contact unfriendly legislators.

Recently I got a mailing from Paul Ryan's campaign, asking me to help him fight Obama's tax and spend policies. Ryan is known to be amnesty-friendly. I sent back the donation paper, unmarked (I'm not giving him a red cent), stapled to this message:

Dear Paul Ryan:

If you really want to fight the Obama agenda, you will join Steve King, Lou Barletta, and Louie Gohmert in opposing the Gang of Eight’s immigration amnesty bill and in pledging not to pass a similar bill in the House.

Given our current lack of jobs and bad economy, the last thing that we need is to increase the supply of workers competing with Americans for scarce jobs.

We need reduced legal immigration levels and better enforcement of our immigration laws. We need to encourage those who are here illegally to return to their countries of origin by making them ineligible for government benefits and by making it impossible for them to find work (e.g. by mandating the us of E-Verify). We also need to reduce the number of people we permit to enter the country, as we have a labor glut and additional workers do nothing but decrease wages and create a larger wealth gap that threatens not only the country, but also the future prospects of the Republican Party.

I know that a lot of powerful donors, such as Sheldon Adelson, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mark Singer want more cheap labor through mass immigration. If you want my support, you will have to stand up to them and say “NO.”


[My Name]

Looking back at it, I should have mentioned that I donated money to King's, Barletta's, and Gohmert's campaigns, making my refusal to donate to Ryan's even more significant. I also should have stapled the documents I mentioned in the previous post to my letter (if the envelope they send you is pre-paid, and they are a hostile, always add things to bulk up the weight).

It's time to get mean.

That is all.

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