Monday, May 13, 2013

A Democrat to Support in the Fight Against Amnesty

To find other people to donate to, here is an earlier post.

Peter Defazio (D-Oregon, 4th district) is a co-sponsor of Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 1772).

Donate to his campaign, then call his campaign at (541) 485-1622 and his office at (202) 225-6416, and say something to the effect of:

I just donated to your campaign. I am happy to see that you co-sponsored Lamar Smith's H.R. 1772, the Legal Workforce Act. I am a single-issue contributor, and I support people who oppose allowing rich megadonors to import more cheap labor. The current so-called immigration reform in the Senate is nothing more than a giveaway of cheap labor to rich donors. I'm glad that you are supporting a different path in the House.

You can also message him on Facebook.

That is all.

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