Sunday, May 11, 2008

If Only They Were Engaging in Incestuous Lesbian Sex, They Might Have Had a Chance

Two sisters who have lived in the same house for forty years are denied the same protection that gay couples are allowed under civil unions.

I think that Peter Hitchens has the best take on this:

We were told that the civil partnership laws were all about compassion.

We were persuaded that, without these changes, long-standing homosexual couples would be forced to sell their homes to pay death duties when one of them died.

It was their 'Human Right' not to suffer this.

Well, where's the compassion, or the "Human Rights" when sisters Joyce and Sybil Burden seek the same privileges? Nowhere to be seen.

The thing was a fraud. It wasn't about kindness at all, only about furthering the sexual revolution.

That is all.

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