Sunday, May 11, 2008

"But I Don't Want to be a Model Minority"

From the folks at "Alas," I found this little gem from some Asian woman who apparently wants to be seen as a "debit to her race" (scare quotes, these are my words, not hers).

Here's an excerpt:

When people talk about the model minority, “model” is code for never making other people feel uncomfortable about racism. “Model” means not being like all those other troublesome people of color. It means keeping your mouth shut and your eyes lowered. It means smiling brightly and nodding along. Yes, sir! Whatever you say, sir! It means never complaining.

No, what makes Asians a model minority is that they have (as an average) a lower crime rate than whites, and they don't respond to welfare by huge increases in illegitimacy. Plus, they can compete with whites on race-blind tests, unlike other groups where the majority have to be given a large handicap to have any chance to compete for things such as higher-tier colleges. Also, they don't tend to burn down their cities when they feel slighted.

I suppose that it may be racist to congratulate Asians on this. But you know, if it bothers them that much, all they need to do is start committing more rapes and murders, and to encourage their children not to do well in school and then to blame the fact they don't do well on white racism and I am sure that eventually they will be able to escape that pesky label,

That is all.

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