Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Stop Amnesty Challenge Goes On

Blogger 24AheadDotCom has long advocated for a plan to stop amnesty that involves publicly discrediting the people pushing amnesty. The idea essentially is to make it untenable to support amnesty by forcing amnesty advocates to answer questions publicly (or be seen explicitly not doing so). Along with this is the idea of trying to find people who support an amnesty advocate, and discredit the advocate in their eyes.

One idea for this is the Stop Amnesty Challenge. The basic idea is to offer a prize to someone who asks a hard question to a prominent amnesty supporter on video. The goal is to make it a question that is resistant to glib responses, so that the amnesty supporter can't go into a pre-rehearsed answer and either looks like a fool or has to shut up or so obviously dissemble that they lose credibility. More importantly, the idea is to get people with influence (e.g., Ann Coulter) to do this.

Most importantly, the idea is to discredit amnesty supporters to those who support them. Bernie Sanders or Richard Trumka are not going to care that Breitbart is against amnesty or that Fox News is (if it actually were). They will care if Huffington Post readers demand that columnists explain why they support positions that hurt working Americans (or if Huffington Post columnists ask the question themselves).

The original idea for this used a cash prize of $350. While the original tilt bounty page for getting the prize has expired, I will continue the contest by agreeing to pay it personally. The prize is still offered to the anyone who will take it up (up to five people); I will pay the money upon confirmation that you have posted a video that meets the qualifications on YouTube. general qualifications are listed on's old Tilt page here, in the "How Do I Claim the Bounty section. I will also award prizes for questions sasked of prominent non-politician amnesty advocates. Contact me to know if someone qualifies. I can be contacted on my Twitter account @Glaivester, my email Glaivester at Yahoo dot com, or by commenting on this post.

However, the general idea right now goes beyond this specific contest. We need in general to demand that people with influence ask politicians these tough questions, and that lobbying groups such as NumbersUSA start campaigns to do so. This is a good start.

So please, let's start participating in the Stop Amnesty Challenge today.

That is all.

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