Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rod Dreher the Referee, or Why We Lose - Because We Fight to Lose, not to Win

In case the cartoon is unclear, the donkey has taken off his gloves and is hitting the elephant with a folded-up folding chair, like the ones against the wall.

After this post (I will be making a new post on the matter with a cartoon soon), I want to explain why, although I like Rod Dreher, I find him exasperating.

I think this post by Dreher sums it up. He thinks that whether or not he rule of judges over issues such as marriage gives correct decisions, legally or otherwise, socons are morally bound to follow the liberal interpretation of the Constitution and to try to fight them using the rules they determine. Combined with the first sentence of the last paragraph of this post:

Nothing left to do but pray that Anthony Kennedy will be charitable towards religious liberty when imposing the terms of our defeat.

We see a man who wants to lose, or at least who doesn't want to fight to win. He wants to be able to say he lost gracefully and played by the rules. That's fine in a game. In real life, other than real moral rules (as opposed to strictures your enemy wants to place on you) you do what it takes to win when survival is on the line.

That is all.

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