Friday, August 15, 2014

Accusations of Racism: Tool of Elites to Beat Down Working Class Whites

This is my response to this ridiculous Stuart Carlson cartoon.

Apparently Carlson thinks that the fatcats are trying to distract from their cupidity by blaming immigrants - in reality, mass immigration is a policy that the fatcats support, because it helps them reduce wages and to screw over American employees. They would never try to stir up resentment of immigrants, because it would damage their agenda. In reality, the fatcats would distract workers away from the immigrants and accuse them of racism if they did anything that threatened their cheap labor gravy train.

So this is the more accurate version of the cartoon.

Also on DeviantArt.

That is all.

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Baloo said...

You really, really, really should do more cartoons. I've reprinted this one with my commentary here:
Glaivester Does a New Cartoon — On Immigration and Fat Cats!