Friday, April 15, 2005

Thoughts on Predictions and the Dow

The stock market is going down, which brings me to my New Year's Prediction that the market would go below 10,000 this year.

Which also brings me to my need to update my blog.

What I will need to be doing is re-making my "By subject" archives. I will have to update the ones I have, plus add new ones. I will try to do this after I have finished getting my Master's degreee, which should happen in about a month.

I will try to make a list of all of the predictions I have made so that you (my readers) can determine how accurate I have been. This should help to avoid the problem that Matt Yglesias pointed out that people tend to be ale to sweep their predictions that don't pan out under the rug and to laud their correct predicitons. (I'll give a link when I find the post).

In the meantime, here were my original predictions for 2005. I'll try to blog on what I have been right about, what I have been wrong about, and what predictions that are still in the future I would now change. I'll try to blog aobut it LATER.

That is all.

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