Thursday, April 14, 2005

"Paris Hilton" Tax Cut

The thing I don't like about the movement against repealing the state tax is that so much of it is driven by resentment.

Why should Paris Hilton be able to inherit so much tax-free? And I don't care if it forces small businesses to close when the owner dies! screams Matt Yglesias. (Not a direct quote).

Well, by the same token, Miss Hilton seems to have sex with a lot of people whom we might argue do not deserve to have sex with her. I suppose the government should force her to have sex with more deserving people at least some of the time?

Oh, no, this would not the same thing as rape - it's the government that would be forcing her to do it, which, of course, makes all of the difference in the world.

I'm not as upset with people who support the estate tax on utilitarian grounds, such as Steve Sailer (will link to specific article when permalink made available) and Clark Stooksbury. But those who just hate the wealthy annoy me. Who are they to say who deserves their money and who doesn't, as long as they don't steal it?

That is all.

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