Friday, April 29, 2005

Press vs. Bolton

Bill Press lays out his case against John Bolton.
Hmmm... some of his reasons I agree with (I don't like the fact that Bolton sexed up intelligence), some I disagree with (I am fine with Bolton hating the UN), and some Bill is probably right about but goes about describing the wrong way (it's likely a bad idea for Bolton to call King Jong-Il a "tyrannical dictator" during negotiations, but let's be honest, that's what Mr. Jong-Il is. Bolton's problem there was a lack of subtly or discretion, not inaccuracy).
[Of course, I should point out that I haven't read much about John Bolton, so for all I know Bill Press may be misrepresenting some of his remarks or taking them out of context].
In any case, I don't really trust John Bolton, but he would probably be better than Maddy Albright.

That is all.

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