Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Josh Frank's Mistakes on the Minutemen

Josh Frank doesn't understand why the border-protecting "minutemen" need arms if they don't intend violence against illegal aliens and only want to report their presence to the immigration authorities.

How about becasue some of the illegals who don't want to be reported might attack them?

He also says that these people are looking at the wrong enemy, when NAFTA is a big reason why so many Mexicans "need" to go to the US.

This ignores the fact that many in the closed-border crowds are paleoconservative "Buchananites" who probably hate NAFTA as much as the lefties do, and who look at Bush as a butt-kissing (Vincente Fox's butt) traitor.

He also repeats many of the usual canards, e.g. "jobs that Americans aren't willing to do." (Ignoring the fact that without so much immigratn labor, US businesses woulod either pay more or automate (like Japan), which is in the end more efficient).

In any case, I fully support the Minutemen.

That is all.

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