Saturday, April 09, 2005

On the Issue of Israel

I thought that this would be a good time to clarify my position:

I don't think that the Iraq war was engineered by Israel or that it was done solely for the benefit of Israel or that it was AIPAC's brainchild.
Rather, I think that the interests of those who want the US to taje out Israel's enemies for it coincided with the interests of those who want a US empire, who want US economic interests to control Middle Eastern oil, and the messianic democratists.

The point is, that when taking someone's biases and ulterior motives into account, one should realize exactly what one's motivations are. Accusing a US imperialist like Richard Poe or James Woolsey of fudging facts because they are supposedly under the influence of Israel is ridiculous. In the case of uber-democratist Paul Wolfowitz, it also is an insult, as it questions his sincerity, which I for one believe is real. Similarly, accusing Richard Perle of being naive about the prospects of an real Iraqi democracy functioning gives him too much credit for generosity to the Arabs.

That is all.

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