Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Real Benefit of Racial Diversity

Steve Sailer's article on American vs. British white working classes (American whites score far better than British ones) is very intereting.

Mr. Sailer talks about the obvious reasons for America being more conducive to law and order: more gun ownership, more rights to self-defense, more religion, as well as less obvious ones such as the existence of working-class affirming country music.

The most striking aspect of the article, though, is Steve's hypothesis of one way in which racial diversity has greatly benefitted Americans:

The bad effects of certain social policie tends to show up among blacks before they show up in whites, serving as a "canary in a coal mine," and causing the policies to change.
At the same time, higher crime rates among blacks have discouraged white crime rates because of, well, racism. Associating crime with blacks makes it less attractive. (Racism will accomplish what appeals to morality won't? And people say mankind isn't sinful...)

I'm sure that all of the black people in prison and in gangs and in broken homes are thrilled that they were able to partially shield white America from the consequences of the social policy of the white elite.

That is all.

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