Sunday, April 10, 2005

California Statutory Rape Case not a Big Deal

The coverage of the female teacher who had sex with 3 17-year-old male students is overblown, in my opinion. while I do take the issue of statutory rape by females seriously, there is a vast difference between a 13-year old like Villi Fualaau and a 17-year-old. Or even between a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old.

In fact, in 35 states, 17-year-olds have already reached the age of consent.

Not that the teacher did not behave inappropriately; and she should be fired. And I do think that a restraining order on her keeping her away from the boys she had sex with would probably be appropriate. But this does not strike me as a big scandal the way that Deb LeFave or Mary-Kay Letourneau did.

By the way, this made me interested in seeing what the Age of Consent was for each state. So I did a Google search. But I wanted to be careful what sites I clicked on, because I didn't want to inadvertedly look at a site which was designed to facilitate ephebophiles [people who are sexually attracted by underage adolescents] in finding permissive states .

In any case, here are two tables from websites that appear to be above-board: the first is from Jan's Place, which wants to help stop pedophilia, and the second from a website giving teenagers advice about sex and abstinence.

Jan's Place (Updated 1999 - at least that is the copyright date.
Teen Advice, Q&A Age of Consent Chart (Updated August 2001)

That is all.

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