Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Prager on Gay Marriage

An interesting argument from Dennis Prager on why gay marriage is more of a threat to marriage than divorce.

My one concern: he seems to feel that marriages are not by nature permanent; not that they can't be, but that it is not necessarily a failure for a marriage to end in divorce.

This may seem a strange position for a conservative to take, but I think that the Jewish position on marriage and divorce may be different from the Christian position. At least, if the followers of Hillel have more clout than those of Shammai. Or it may be that Dennis took this position as his personal belief, and it does not reflect a split between conservative Christians and conservative (as in culturally conservative, not as in the denomination) Jews.

But I do agree that gay marriage is a threat to traditional marriage, because it radically redefines marriage.

That is all.

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