Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Frighteningly Similar

It's frightening, but other than his Catholicism (I'm an evangelical, denominationally a Baptist, myself), I find myself to be very similar to The Ambler, aka Kevin Michael Grace.

A few recent thoughts I have mentioned myself:

Prison rape is a terrible injustice that we have allowed to occur.
The weary banality of terms such as "valiant battle with cancer."
(thought of my own - do we ever hear of people who survive cancer as having had a "valiant battle?" Link

A lot of the "great writing" that you have to learn in school is carp. Particularly if it is written by Saul Bellow.

Nostalgia has been his "besetting sin since [he] attained consciousness." Although in my case, it came on a little later, say, second grade (i.e., 1986).
In any case, I have the entire Generation One run of Transformers on DVD, as well as every available Inhumanoids DVD, so I know nostalgia.

In any case, once I finish my Master's thesis and get a job, I may donate to his blog.

That is all.

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