Sunday, October 12, 2014

Help 24AheadDotCom Stop Obama's Amnesty with the Stop Amnesty Challenge

This is a reprint of a post on's website:

The Stop Amnesty Challenge

It's vitally important to stop Obama's amnesty-by-executive-order now. If we don't stop it now, Obama could legalize millions of illegal aliens and rolling that back is going to be very difficult.

Thankfully, there's a way to stop Obama's amnesty right now. To make that happen, I'm announcing the Stop Amnesty Challenge. The winner and runner-up of the Challenge will win cash awards, but more importantly will have done a great public service.

Summary of the Challenge

The best way to stop amnesty is to challenge its supporters and show them wrong to their audience. If a politician makes a misleading claim, there's a good chance his audience doesn't know it's misleading. If we then show how he misled his audience, that will tend to keep the politician from making the same claim. It will also reduce the politician's influence over his audience. Other politicians will avoid making the same claim. That's how to stop amnesty: show how amnesty supporters are misleading about what it would do. And, the best way to show that is by asking them tough questions designed to box them in to admitting how they're misleading. As a side-effect, asking politicians tough questions will also help further discredit the media.

How To Enter

To enter the challenge, you'll need to attend an event with a nationally-known politician and ask that politician one of the questions we'll provide. You'll need to get the question and any answers from the politician on good quality video with clear audio. The terms of the Challenge are listed here and by entering you agree that you've read and understood those terms.

The Awards

The First Place winner will receive a cash award of $350. The Second Place winner will receive a cash award of $150. Obviously, you aren't going to be able to retire on those amounts, but your primary motivation should be doing the public service of blocking Obama's amnesty-by-executive-order.

The Questions

You can enter the Challenge by asking any one of these questions:

Question about Ebola and skilled immigration
Question about Obama's executive order on immigration
Question about subsidizing American farmworkers
Question about immigration reform being an amnesty for employers
Question about the DREAM Act
Read those through and decide which you feel most comfortable asking. As part of the Challenge you'll need to get a definitive answer from the politician, but each of the pages linked above has likely things the politician will say and how you can respond. Other questions can be provided or those questions can be modified on request.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the Challenge, don't hesitate to ask. For quickest response, tweet any questions to @24AheadDotCom_ .

Can't take the Challenge?

If for some reason you can't take the Challenge but still want to help stop Obama's executive order amnesty, you can still help out by promoting the challenge on social media or to your email contacts.


See the terms of the Challenge here.

For a FAQ about why asking tough questions will work, see the FAQ section here.

That is all.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Help 24AHeadDotCom Fight Amnesty!

Please go to this page to find out an exciting way to fight amnesty.

24AHeadDotCom's plan is to ask tough questions of amnesty supporters and to get them on the record to discredit them. There's a $350 bounty for it and a second $150 bounty. Details included on the page.

Don't worry about the deadline. It will be extended.

If you can't do the asking, consider donating to increase the number of bounties or maybe to increase the size of the bounties offered. I've given $480.

I'll have a more detailed post out soon.

That is all.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dance, Grey Lady, Dance!

This cartoon depicts Mexican monopolist Carlos Slim. who is the second largest owner of the New York Times since he helped to rescue it from bankruptcy.

It is widely believed that he is in large part responsible for the Times' bias in favor of mass immigration, as he profits mightily off of Mexicans going to the U.S.

Note: I used the spelling "Grey" because it looks classier that way.

CArtoon also found at DeviantArt. That is all.

Vultures Can Give Milk!

This is a depiction of the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). ALthough much has been made of the indirect George Soros connection, the connection to Peter Singer is much more direct. Singer is a major GOP donor (which means a RINO-maker) who is trying to push the party into supporting amnesty. He is also known as "the Vulture," at least partially for his insistence on collecting debts from the Argentinian government to the point where they may simply default on all debts.

I would have included Robert Gittelson, but he died a week or so ago , so it would be in poor taste.

I've also posted it on DeviantArt.

You may have some trouble seeing it there if you do not have a DeviantArt account, because I've given this a moderate mature content reading for nudity, in case the image of people suckling at a cow's udder (connected to a vulture) is too suggestive for some people.

That is all.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Accusations of Racism: Tool of Elites to Beat Down Working Class Whites

This is my response to this ridiculous Stuart Carlson cartoon.

Apparently Carlson thinks that the fatcats are trying to distract from their cupidity by blaming immigrants - in reality, mass immigration is a policy that the fatcats support, because it helps them reduce wages and to screw over American employees. They would never try to stir up resentment of immigrants, because it would damage their agenda. In reality, the fatcats would distract workers away from the immigrants and accuse them of racism if they did anything that threatened their cheap labor gravy train.

So this is the more accurate version of the cartoon.

Also on DeviantArt.

That is all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

About that Lindsey Graham Victory

With all of the disruption by the establishment over the historic loss of Eric Cantor, I have heard lots of people opining that Lindsey Graham's victory in South Carolina shows that people really are not against amnesty for illegal aliens.

B.S. Let's see about that race:

According to Ballotpedia, Graham spent a total of $3,500,510.52 on this campaign by April 15 of this year (I'll get better, i.e. more recent, stats when they become available). Lee Bright spent $217,467.71, Nancy Mace spent $388,435.38, Richard Cash spent $251,359.33, Det Bowers $44,808.21, Bill Connor $109,303.92, and Benjamin Dunn $0.00.

That means that as of April 15, Graham had spent $3.5 million, while his opponents had spent a total of about about $1.01 million (exactly $1,011,285.00). So Graham outspent his opponents by almost 3.5 times, he' an incumbent, and still he only got 56.3-58.4% of the vote (reports vary and the final official tally is not available as far as I can tell).

Don't let the Graham situation detract from the defeat of Cantor. Graham was expected to win. His win is not significant the way a win by an outraised 25 to 1 and outspent 40 to 1 previously unknown challenger is.

(Note: I will try to get all of my figures updated, and everything sourced, in the next few days as more information becomes available). That is all.