Thursday, April 28, 2005

Engelhardt and Schwartz Agree with Me.

Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt's latest article seems to be supporting two points I have made in the past.

First, a major reason for decreasing US fatalities in Iraq is that we have hunkered down in our bases. This is why attacks are increasing on Iraqi civilians and security forces while American casualties are decreasing.

Second, if Bush wants to continue in Iraq and to avoid the draft at the same time, he may decide to resort to killing Iraqis in massive numbers (and more indiscriminately) in order to pacify them - if we are to substitute our superior technology for increased manpower, we will also have to accept the fact that the only way to do this is to allow the technology to do what it does best - massive, not necessarily precise, destruction. Our technology allows us to fight with fewer people, but likely will require larger collateral damage than boots on the ground would.

That is all.

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