Monday, April 11, 2005

More Mark Steyn Lyin'

I had earlier stated (I'll find the link later) that the neocons were going to use the list-based voting in Iraq as a way to prop up Chalabi.

Good ol' Mark Steyn makes my case when he talks about Chalabi:

"He came out pretty near the top in the January elections and he's a big player in Iraqi politics."

Uh, in case Mark forgot, the list Chalabi was on came out on top becaue he managed to get himself installed on the most popular list, not because a lot of people voted for him specifically. As for getting on the list, let's remember that there were no democratic elections to determine who would be on what list; people voted for lists that were already made out for them; and in some cases, whose members were not revealed ot the public until election day.

Incidentally, the fact that all of the big players in Iraq were distrusted by our intelligence agencies, and that our intelligence agencies were the ones skeptical of all of their claimes, and of the pro-war propaganda in general, nicely deflates the idiotic claim that the intelligence, and not the administration's deception, was at fault for the faulty findings about WMD in Iraq.

That is all.

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