Sunday, April 24, 2005

Iraqi Casualties

Looking at the hostile-non-hostile fatality rate, one might get the impression that the insurgency is winding down.

However, acording to this, 20 "civilian contractors" have been killed so far in April, compared to 6 in March, 1 in February, 7 in January, 7 in December, 16 in November, and 12 in October (I'll try to make a more complete list later). Some of these are apparently true civilians (e.g. truckdrivers), where others are essentially mercenary soldiers.

Limiting it to Americans, the stats are: 8 this month, 4 in March, 0 in February, 1 in January, 6 in December, 6 in November, and 5 in October.

And according to the stats that the Iraq Coalition Casualties site compiled on Iraqi deaths (this page will only display one month at a time), 168 Iraqi police and military have been killed so far this month, 200 in March, 103 in February, and 109 in January. (Earlier stats not yet available). we'll see how April's totals go as the month wears on.

But definitely, the change in targets does not necessarily show that the insurgency is decreasing. It could show that they are weakening and can't attack coalition troops, but it just as likely could mean that coalition troops have pulled back and so are not in the line of fire.

In any case, it seems to be shaping up that this month will be more deadly for the Coalition than March was.

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