Thursday, December 21, 2023

Comment on H-1B Regulation

There is a new regulation whose comments close on December 22 (Friday) at 11:59 pm EST.

It regards changes to the H-1B program. I don't remember where I first found out about it, but the changes in general loosen the requirements and most of the regulation ought to be junked.

The regulation is here:

You can comment here:

A summary of the regulation is here (although this is by a firm that I suspect supports the regulation):

Here is my comment if it helps you to write your own:

I am opposed to many aspects of this new regulation. Loosening the requirements for obtaining and maintaining an H-1B visa will make it easier for companies to pass over American workers in order to hire cheaper foreign workers. This is a trend that must be halted and reversed, and the proposed regulation will continue our move in the wrong direction.

Aspects of the regulation that give the USCIS more authority to deny an H-1B petition based on non-provision of documents or that codify the ability of USCIS to ask for documents to establish a working relationship are good, however, and those parts of the regulation should be approved.

That is all.

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