Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why Feminists Insist Rape is not About Sex

From a comment at the Anonymous Conservative Blog:

Have you ever wondered why feminists insist that “rape is an act of violence, not sex”, when it most definitely and obviously is an act of sex?

Because feminism is sexual Marxism, the belief that women need, and are therefore entitled to, surplus resources produced by men. The inverse implication, that men need, and are therefore entitled to, sex with women, is avoided by insisting that sex is actually not sex, but violence.

That is all.


Kyra Nelson said...

Absolutely not a feminist but totally disagree. Men can "get" sex practically anywhere anytime without the violence, humiliation and often murder that accompanies it. Next you'll be telling us that prostitutes are in it because they "like" sex. Don't be a dolt.

Kyra Nelson said...

Ah, I see you are a libertarian. A laudable political philosophy if ever there was one. Too bad there are so many a$$holes out there to pi$$ on your tie-dye parade.

Sebastian Hawks said...

"Men can "get" sex practically anywhere anytime "

What planet are you living one? Only for gay men is this true, vast numbers of men are sexually disenfranchised. The sex starved nerd is an archetype character.