Monday, August 03, 2015

Did Steve Sailer Column Inspire the "Cuckservative" Label?

Am I the only one who thought of this column when I first began to notice the words "cuckservative," "race-cuck," etc.?

I particularly like this line:

Do we even have the language anymore to articulate the concept of being personally cuckolded? Is the word “cuckold” even in current circulation?

Well, maybe it ought to be. And now it is being brought back.

That is all.


SFG said...

The gap between the column and the appearance of the Twitter account a few weeks ago is too big. More people have traced it to My Posting Career.

Though, really, we'll never know.

Ngành hàng điện máy LG said...

Mua may giat khuyen mai dịp nào thì có giá tốt nhất.