Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adolescent Car Thieves Drown

The 6 teenagers killed (and 2 survivors) in that SUV car crash were car thieves.

Most of the media attention towards them (warning: video) seems to elide over, or at least to minimize, this fact.

That is all.


Tuomas said...

I suppose it is remotely possible (but not likely) that all the passengers were not aware of the fact that car was stolen.

An apologetic scenario could also be that the oldest participant jacked the car and the rest were merely in for a a thrilling ride knowing that the car was stolen. I don't know whether that would make the rest legally responsible for GTA, especially considering their young ages.

Of course, it is quite likely they were all participating in the crime, and considering the unjournalism on black crime it is likely that race played a major part in covering up the GTA-angle in reporting, rather than benefit of a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Not one of the media reports I've seen have mentioned that the vehicle was stolen.