Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts on Susan Rice

Ultimately, from a policy standpoint, it doesn't matter much. But I am glad that she dropped out, because for her to be nominated after the Ben-Ghazi incident would basically cement that this administration can get away with absolutely anything, and that being black and female insulates you from any mistakes. In short, it isn't much of a victory, but it is the avoidance of an intolerable loss. What do I think about Kerry for Secretary of State? He would not be my choice, but I don't know that we could get much better under Obama, and I doubt that the GOP has anything to gain, either policy-wise or politics-wise, by opposing him. He isn't a completely offensive choice in the way that Susan "Cover-Up" Rice is. That is all.


Udolpho.com said...

maybe you should tell us what silverdick or whatever those ponies' names are has said about this vital issue

Terrence Rhine said...

It's incredible to me that McCain is so dismissive of Hagel and yet would presumably let his much-further-left friend Kerry sail through confirmation. Actually, I guess it's not incredible it's exactly what I should expect from McCain. Also it's perverse for McCain of all people to call Hagel a faux-Republican. Also Applejack is just the cutest little pony of them all. Friendship is magic.