Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everyone Has Sacred Cows

I was thinking the other day that it is probably more acceptable in our society to mock Jesus than Martin Luther King Jr.

I wonder how many people who think that religious folks should "just get over it" when their faith is mocked would be as sanguine when their secular idols are the subject of ridicule.

See this article by Leonard Pitts, Jr. on a strip club that uses Martin Luther King Jr. as a theme.

It brought to mind a question: how many people who think nothing of mocking Jesus Christ (I am NOT accusing Pitts of being among them) would recoil in horror if the same were done to the Reverend King?

And moreover, is the attempt to make it acceptable to mock Christ truly about letting go of taboos, or is it merely about replacing God with our secular gods?

That is all.

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