Saturday, December 04, 2010

I Hate Exxon Mobil

Recently I got a Mobil credit card because it offered a $50 dining certificate (and a second if I bought more than 100 gallons of gas), figuring that I could use it to get some restaurant gift cards.

It turns out that all the gift card can be used to do is to purchase coupons that have tons of restrictions on them.

The dirty S.O.B.s got me to get their credit card by offering me something worthless. "Fill your plate," indeed.

While the offer I am sure does not meet the legal definition of fraud, it is morally dishonest to call it a "fill your plate" offer, as if what they were offering was free gift cards rather than, in essence, free coupons.

I have decided not to buy any more gas from Mobil and to boycott even their convenience stores to the extent it is possible to do so.

And I have decided to complain about it online, beccuse I have not seen anyone else do it yet.

At least all I lost was about 400 points on my Sears Citibank Mastercard (by not buying gas using it instead of the Mobil card - I got about 66 gallons before I realized how useless to me the gift card was).

That is all.

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