Thursday, August 05, 2010

Whites are Always Evil

When a white man kills immigrants, we are supposed to blame anti-illegal immigration rhetoric:

Hate Crimes Tied to Immigration Debate?
Subtitle: Civil Rights Group Says Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Driving Increase in Hate Crimes

When a black man kills white people, we are supposed to focus on white racism.

Conn. Gunman: 'I Wish I Could Have Killed More People'
Subtitle: Girlfriend of Connecticut Gunman Who Killed 9: Racial Harassment 'Would Make Somebody Go Crazy'

More from Steve Sailer:

Did the Hartford Massacre victims have it coming?
More Pavlovian News Analysis
Breaking News!

from Lawrence Auster:

The Big Lie, in its efflorescence
Eight whites murdered for their “racism” at Connecticut beer distributorship

from Dennis Mangan:

The Media's Anti-White Agenda

from Nicholas Stix:

Family: Racism caused Conn. gunman to snap

That is all.

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