Friday, February 19, 2010

Oy Vey....

The guy I voted for for President recently wrote this column.

I can't believe it.

This is really stupid.

Whatever our beefs with the IRS, ramming planes into buildings is wrong, not just a tragic act. I do not think that it is at all unreasonable to call Joe Stack a terrorist, although I will agree that it does not appear that he is part of any organized movement.

Also, we need to remember that he set his family home and fire, perhaps trying to kill his family.

We should not be looking for excuses for him. What he did was wrong. As satisfying as the idea of hurting some bueaucracy that is frustrating you may be, it is not the answer. Letting "desperation" drive you to killing innocent people is just wrong, no matter how many self-justifying speeches you give.

And Chuck, no matter how much you hate the IRS, this is not an event that should be used as a platform for criticism of the IRS.

That is all.

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