Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ron Paul and Third Party Run

If Ron Paul loses the primary for his Congressional seat, I would not be opposed to him running to retain it as an independent or as a third=party candidate, provided that he is able to do this (I don't know if Texas has "sore loser laws"). If he can't, maybe one of his children can run in his place.

Alternately, I would not be against him changing his mind on his decision not to run for President if he loses the Congressional nomination, although if he can retain his Congressional seat then he ought not to run.

In any case, if his opponent wins I'll probably send money to whoever the Democrat is running for that district (unless Paul runs third party), just to spite that little SOB Peden. I may get similarly involved in the race for Gilchrest's old seat, too.

That is all.

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