Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When it Comes to Presdential Elections, Lawrence Auster is No Different from the Mainstream

Lawrence Auster of VFR often has good ideas, but when it comes to presidential elections, he is not very useful. Last time around, he decided to launch a protest vote, not by supporting an actual third party candidate, but by writing in Tom Tancredo, who wasn't even running.

Now this time around, he has decided to endorse Romney, or in other words, four more years of the same. He supported Tancredo at first, but after Tancredo dropped out, he made it clear that Paul was not a man he could support because Paul he doesn't like Lincoln, because Paul doesn't think that we have the right to do whatever we want around the world and expect other countries to welcome it, and because his stance on immigration, although in practical terms probably tougher than anyone except for Tancredo or Hunter, is not based on the correct arguments and might get weaker in the distant future once (and if) all of his economic ideas were passed.

All of which would be fine if Auster had decided to sit out the race and endorse no one. But he has in essence endorsed Romney, meaning in essence he is supporting four more years of the same policies as we have had for the past four years.

So by all means read VFR for Auster's policy insights. But don't expect his decisions on the presidential election to be anything other than what you would find at any mainstream "conservative" organization.

That is all.

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