Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Alas, We're Morons

More fun from Alas, a Blog, specifically Rachel s.:

Disclaimer: I think racial DNA tests are absurd, and are based primarily on social notions of race, not actual distinct genetic and biological human categories.

Yes, because DNA tests measure social notions, and not biology.

So apparently it has not been discovered that he has 16 times as many black-origin genes as other whites, but has 16 times as much "social notion" as other whites.

On the other hand, Steve Sailer has a good reason to be skeptical of the test results: at the individual level, these tests are less reliable than when combining the tests of a group, because there is so much more "noise" the smaller the sample size.

Too bad, I was hoping Watson might be able to reclaim the term "octoroon" for his people.

That is all.

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