Friday, March 23, 2007

Slip of the Tongue

Via Daniel Larison:

This article in the Weekly Standard is mostly unobjectionable, although this one point is rather odd:

For the fact is that Dicker, like Alan Dershowitz, and like most American Jews, is more committed to the liberal Democratic political agenda than she is to Israel. Unlike evangelicals, these Jews didn't see Israel's security trumping everything else. They can't bring themselves to make common cause with conservative Zionist Christians because they hate the conservative agenda more than they love Israel.

The implication is pretty much that it is appropriate for American Jews to put Israel first, and to be more loyal to Israel than they are to whatever principles they wish to see uphelkd in this country.

Now don't get me wrong, I think it is great for my fellow evangelicals and Jews to be geting along, and I have no problem with someone supporting Israel and believing that our policy in the Middle East should reflect the fact that we are allies. Nonetheless, the implication that someone who is an American citizen should be more concerned with the "mother country" (as it were) than in the nation that they belong to is rather bizarre, and makes it difficult to honestly defend against charges that the neoconservatives (at least those neocons who consider the Weekly Standard their newsletter) have dual loyalties.

That is all.

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