Thursday, January 04, 2007

"We're not Racists. We Just Needed the Money."

I just saw a re-run of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Raw." (See a summary here).

Long story short: The SVU gang gets sucked into a case involving white supremacists when a white supremacist kills a young adopted black boy.

It turns out in the end that his adoptive parents had arranged for his killing so that they could collect on an insurance policy they had taken out on him.

Assuming that they share an ideology with the white supremacists that they used for the murder, Detective Benson asks what people would think of racists like them adopting a black kid.

Her response was: “We’re not racists. We just needed the money.”

That these people were more concerned over being perceived as racists than about how people perceived them for arranging the murder of a child says a lot about how sick their sense of priorities is. And, to some extent, our sense of priorities as well, as these people's concerns were definitely informed by society's.

That is all.

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