Sunday, November 26, 2006

White Privilege

Erin Aubry Kaplan makes a very interesting point:

American society seems to be more tolerant of a white man screaming racial epithets and making threats that he obviously has no power to make good on at black people at a comedy club than it is of (what they believe to be) a black man murdering two white people and getting away with it.

I particularly like this line:

Sounding uncannily like Richard Nixon in 1973, Richards declared, "I am not a racist." This may make liberal Hollywood in particular and white people in general feel better. But how about facing the black people he so viciously maligned? And how about probing the possibility that he may be racist — why should we take him at his word?

Should we also put your comment, "I'm not equating racist invective with charges of double homicide" to the same scrutiny as we do Cosmo Kramer's Michael Richards' claim not to be racist?

Thanx and atip o' the hat to Steve Sailer.

That is all.

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