Monday, May 22, 2006


Contact your Senators (contact info) and tell them to vote against Senate Bill 2611. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you:

Do not want people who are here illegally to be legalized.
Do not want a "guest-worker" program.
Do not want to increase the volume of legal immigration.
Do not want any sort of amnesty.
Believe that Bush's plan and S. 2611 are an amnesty.
Want an "enforcement only" bill.

Contact your Congressmen (contact info) and tell them:

You are calling in regards to a possible conference committee on S. 2611.
Tell them the same positions as above, but also tell them that if S. 2611 passes, then they ought to refuse to go into conference.

Tell them that amnesty is unacceptable.

That is all.

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