Thursday, May 11, 2006

America and Iraq

Ol' Lyin' Eyes Ziel has up an interesting post about the increasing diversity in the U.S..

An interesting and important point he makes is that increased diversity will not necessarily make us more tolerant and productive as the multi-cultis pretend it will.

It strikes me, though, that this asininity is also reflected in neocon claims such as Barbra Lerner's that Iraq is ripe for democracy because of its ethnic diversity (which I suppose will force it to be a tolerant country).

Which just goes to show that multi-cultis and neocons are cut rom the same cloth.*

That is all.

* Or at least the neocons pretend to be from that cloth. In reality, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not Lerner actually thinks that Iraq's ethnic makeup can help to promote actual democracy; because when she talks about "democracy" she really just means "neocon puppets [or those who pretend to be] in charge." More on that later.

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