Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Real Leftist Agenda on Race, and Their Illogic

Sara Anderson pretty much admits the truth of my contention that the reason leftists want to open the borders and give citizenship to illegals is to replace our current population with non-white (or at least non-non-Hispanic white) socialists.

What I find funny, though, is this quote, because it is true, just not in the way she means it:

What I find to be brain-meltingly frustrating about arguing with people like this (see also here - and FYI I post on Plastic as yellownumber5) is that they seem to think that it's merely a coincidence that it's white Christian dudes who have snapped up the majority of the positions of power and the majority of the wealth in the world. Given that we do know about some blatant and some less blatant instances of bias - racism, sexism, etc - and that we don't know of any reason why white Christian dudes should be a lot better off than the rest of the inhabitants of this planet, the "it just so happens" mentality seems pretty fishy to me.

What the idea that she is trying to get across is that the reason why "white Christian dudes" have snapped up the majority of power and wealth in the world is because of racism, white supremacism, and oppression of people of color.

Where this fails, of course, is in the fact that white people would need to get the power in the first place in order to impose these things. So how did they get the power in the first place?

In fact, unless you are going to argue that it is a coincidence, you are going to have to argue that the prevalence of white males in positions of power is because they have some propensity that makes them achieve more. Either that, or you have to argue that somehow, before they initially achieved power, they originally exercised white power through being dishonest and stealing it, breaking treaties, etc., and that they were better at this (or simply more immoral and willing to do it more) than other races.

(This of course, is a racist way of looking at whites; as the one and only race where people break treaties and are dishonest - but of course, looking down on whites in such a way is considered to be acceptable, even admirable racism).

While it is undoubtedly true that whites have done immoral things to get power in some cases, it is ludicrous to suggest that we were the only ones. Moreover, even if you were to argue that all "white power" in the world was stolen, the fact remains that we had some trait in addition to dishonesty than enabled us to get away with it.

Let me explain:

What makes a thief really successful is not his level of dishonesty, it is his competence. Being more dishonest and less inhibited than the next guy won't help you if you are a total moron. Likewise, even if you want to argue that whites used murder and theft to rule the world, the fact remains that we had the strength to subdue the other cultures and not the other way around.

There are only two ways to argue that white people's dominance does not indicate a special talent in whites: either it is a coincidence, or else every other race in the world is too honest and good to do it.

Other than being racist against whites, the second possibility also has implications that are insulting to non-whites. If non-whites were able to achieve the same level of technology, tc. as whites, and were only dominated by whites because of their (i.e. whites') trickiness and dishonesty, then non-whites must be incredibly gullible for whites to have been able to dominate so many of them.

So the point is that blaming racism for whites being so dominant in the world is rather ridiculous, because racism could not be institutionalized until after whites had gained dominance. So there is no sensible way to decry whites for being dominant without in some way admitting that they are more competent (on average). So Sara Anderson is in some ways admitting to some of the ideas she despises.

Of course, very little in this world is static, so white people's current dominance (or their competence) is not assured to continue. Nor does this dominance mean that whites are morally more valuable than others, or that non-whites should not have their rights protected, etc.

But I am tired of hearing whites have to apologize for their existence and their culture, and of hearing them vilified.

That is all.

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