Monday, May 29, 2006

Errors or Part of the Plan?

Tom Engelhardt and Michael Schwartz have an interesting article up on LewRockwell suggesting that a lot of the "mistakes" that were made in the invasion and occupation of Iraq were not bugs, they were features.

That is to say, the real plan in Iraq is to destroy the local institutions so as to make Iraq entirely dependent on foreign corporations for its reconstruction and then maintenance. If, in the process, the companies engage in unethical profiteering (by doing a project in the most expensive way possible), well then that is a price that the administration is willing to pay with taxpayer money (and that they would be even more willing and eager to pay if Iraq had enough oil revenues for us to claim a share in return for our magnaminous reconstruction of the country).

Apparently, only the U.S. embassy seems to be a priority for finishing on time and with any degree of quality.

That is all.

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