Monday, March 20, 2006

Charlie's Dad and the Toothpaste Factory

I recently watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (i.e., the updated movie) on video. I couldn't help but notice a very interesting, pro-capitalistic element in the movie. There be spoilers ahead.

Toward the beginning of the movie, Charlie's family appears to be all but ruined when a new machine is added to the toothpaste factory, making Mr. Bucket's (Charlie's dad's) job obsolete, and resulting in his being laid off.

After Charlie wins the prize, and rejects it becuse Willy Wonka would force him to forsake his family, we learn that Charlie's dad now has managed to get a new, better job at the factory, repairing and maintaining the machine that replaced him.

Which is, in the final analysis, the way things ought to be.

That is all.

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